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About Us

At Svila, our aim is to provide women with the best of clothes. Our collection includes subtle colors, gorgeous prints, and a flattering fit that will instantly uplift your mood. We want to provide you with outfits that are specially made for you, according to your body type and body fit.

We believe in using pure fabrics, intelligently blend together to give your outfit a smooth finish. Since we understand your needs, we use organic, eco-friendly dyes on all our garments. Each and every garment undergoes a proper treatment before it is crafted according to our vision. Our passionate team of designers works very hard to come up with interesting silhouettes and unique designs. Adding life to their vision, our team of artisans works their magic with elaborate handwork and intricate details.

A“Svila means Silk in various languages and we thought this was the perfect name for our brand. Trust us when we say that all our garments look and feel as smooth as silk.” – Saumya, Founder.

Our brand celebrates the beauty of a woman, a style reflected in all our garments. We incorporate elements of celebrations in our garments because we know you love celebrating. Stand out with our striking yet subtle garments. Shop Now!
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